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A nuclear weapon was headed straight for Lake Louise and it was going to take the work of a group of Mystics to stop it.  Breeze Winslow couldn’t believe his ears when the Alpha Primus explained his next mission.  There was little chance of survival, but Breeze willingly sacrificed himself for the sake of thousands.  He’d been prepared to die, but he never imagined if he survived, his body would become horrifically scarred.

Noble Pride was thrilled to have finally found his mate.  But the scars that riddled Breeze’s body, made his mate feel unlovable.  Determined to show Breeze just how wrong he was, Noble set out prove that beauty wasn’t just skin deep.

But as the two find joy in each other’s arms, disaster struck once more.  But after surviving a nuclear weapon, near death and an insane mother, Breeze and Noble discovered they could face anything so long as they do it side by side.

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