Evan's Elusive Love

Nothing is ever easy for Evan Ainsley.  Even when he finds his mate, Shane Sommers, instead of falling in love, Shane pushes him away.  Sick and tired of people leaving him, Evan refuses to give Shane a chance to explain when his mate finally gets his head out of his ass and begs for forgiveness.

But fate has a way of intervening.  This time it’s in the form of nuclear weapons in the hands of the enemy.  As the couple faces certain death, they both realize, nearly too late, the importance of facing life head on and not hiding behind hurt feelings.  Forgiveness isn’t always easy but Evan finds it’s better than never knowing the sheer pleasure of being in his mate’s arms.

Racing against the clock, the couple must find a way to stop the enemy before their worlds are destroyed, even if it means they have to sacrifice themselves to do it.  


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