Paranormal Wars: God of Death

God of Death

Life as an immortal might seem like a dream come true, but for Tular, the God of Death, it was frustrating. His fellow Gods insisted on getting involved in the mortal realm and mucking things up. It didn’t help that love never seemed to be in the cards for any of them. So, when he felt a pull to the mortal realm, he was stunned to find himself drawn to a human of all people.

Joren didn’t know how much more he could take before he fell apart. The Paranormal War had killed his parents, destroyed his home, and left him devastated and unsure about his future. But it was as he sat there praying, his entire world imploded, for he opened his eyes to find the most terrifying man in the universe standing there staring at him – The God of Death.

So why did Joren want to curl up in the God’s arms? More importantly, why did he find himself desperately wanting to be kissed by him? 


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