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Antics will abound as often the characters themselves will take over and post things about their lives.  Yes, usually it is Jesse and yes, it tends to have to do with his many escapades that leads him into situations only Jesse can manage to get into.  Make sure to check the Character Page for any tidbits they decide to share with you.
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Iniko had a problem. His mouth often said things that his brain hadn’t thought through. It didn’t make him very popular with anyone. How he hadn’t been kicked out of Miracle was in itself a miracle. Iniko also had a gift to help others find their niche in life. But to do that, the men of Miracle would have to find a way to give him a chance.

Greyson was stunned when he walked down the street of Miracle to discover a brash mouse shifter with blue and pink hair ordering about predators twice his size. So he was shocked when that man, who also happened to be his mate, ran from him in fear.

Neither man had planned to ever find his mate. Now that they had, would they be able to find a way to deal with their pasts? Then again, nothing in life had ever been easy for either of them. Doom or happily ever after would start with Earning His Trust.