Siberian Tiger shifter, Aleksi Rykov is amused to watch the enemy chasing one of their own, psy, Seth Tilton, until he realizes it’s his mate.  Rescuing his mate isn’t difficult for the powerful Alpha but keeping his mate safe from the war raging between their races may be more difficult.

Seth Tilton is taking a chance running to the one man he knows can keep him safe, Aleksi Rykov.  Seth knows the psy’s secrets and they will do anything to get him back but with Aleksi’s help Seth can help turn the tide of the war and uncover the truth.  The question is will Aleksi be willing to help the enemy?

Both sides are against their mating but they are determined to stay together against all odds and doing their best to tear the two apart.  Can they manage to find happiness by mating the enemy?



Maui Knight can’t believe he’s found his mate when he saves Ian Carmichael from the psy labs.  The need to keep his mate safe has Maui denying Ian’s request to go get his sister away from Ian’s father.  Maui hadn’t counted on Ian’s determination to save his sister from their father’s dishonorable intentions.

Ian runs from the safety of the Alliance Territory in order to bring his sister back with him.  From the moment he entered his childhood home things go horribly wrong.  He saved his sister but managed to get recaptured by the psy.  The last time he’d been imprisoned by the psy they had tortured him, this time they took that torture to a whole new level.  What’s even worse is they’ve changed him.

Ian’s only hope is that Maui will once more rescue him.  Even if he does Ian isn’t sure Maui can love who Ian’s become. 


Wolfe Koa grew up only knowing pain.  As a newborn wolf shifter he was placed in a lab where every experiment known to man was inflicted on him.  When he was finally freed he vowed to destroy every lab the humans had built to torture paranormals in the name of science.

Caleb Reid was a scientist who loved helping others.  When his own race, the psy, kidnapped him and forced him to create a breed of super soldiers, humans that were infused with animal and shifter DNA, Caleb rebelled.  His act of defiance had his father’s finger cut off with the threat of the same happening to his four-year-old sister.  Not having a choice Caleb did the unthinkable and gave in to the psy’s demands.

When Wolfe realizes Caleb is his mate, he fights the need to be with his mate.  Can Wolfe overcome the mate pull or will he end up mating his worst nightmare?  


Jason Jachovich never dreamed he’d be sold to the psy only to be turned into a monster from an old Hollywood movie.  When the psy try to use him and the other humans they had changed in a war with other paranormals, Jason manages to get free but only to watch as the others like him die in a war they didn’t want to be part of.

The Alliance is stunned to see what the psy have created in an effort to defeat the Alliance. In order to defeat the were-creatures the psy have sent to fight, the Alliance must kill them but one managed to survive.  Dr. Adam Pratt is sent to study this were-creature in hopes of saving any more they come across.  What he hadn’t expected was to find his mate and become willing to do anything to save him.




 Zeke Torres had been picked on his whole life because he was a scared mouse shifter.  When his mother married a hawk shifter he had to suffer through his stepbrother’s cruelty on a daily basis.  He fought hard for his independence and vowed to never be under the control of anyone else.

Rangi Ku is an eagle shifter and Director of Communications for the Alliance’s Northern Territory.  Working late one night he was shocked when his computer was hacked with a message asking for help.  He saves the man who hacked into their network, a feat that no one has ever done, and is surprised to find Zeke is his mate.

When Alek, their Alpha Primus accuses Zeke of being a traitor Zeke must find the courage to put aside his reservations and trust Rangi to protect him.  A predator mating prey may not seem plausible but Rangi is determined to show his little mouse he is more than just his animal.